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The 1-2-3 on Living Trusts
Retirement is one of the biggest assets to consider during a divorce settlement.
So they say January is one of the best times to look for a job. And there is more good news! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the paralegal job outlook is expected to grow as fast as average.
As a new business owner you have plenty to get done. We help our clients by personally delivering Corporation Filing Request Forms, Articles of Incorporation, and Statement of Information forms with the Secretary of State Business Programs …
In 2000, California signed into law a bill called AB 1761. The bill basically did two things: one it changed the way a paralegal/legal assistant can do business with members of the public, requiring us to now be called a Legal Document Assi…
It is true that a lot of my family law clients come to me after they have attempted to prepare their documents on their own or with an online "forms" service. Today I helped a client amend a response to a divorce. The original response was …
List your significant assets, financial advisors, retirement plans, divorce papers, premarital agreements, and any other such documents. Gather employment benefits statements, life insurance policies, deeds to real property, partnership and…
In order to ensure your divorce is successful you must remain calm, stay mature, keep a positive attitude, keep a good parenting relation for the success of your children and set realistic divorce goals.
We offer package deals which include personally filing your court documents in Placer and Sacramento County, serving your spouse by mail or personal delivery, completing all divorce forms and a personally prepared Marital Settlement Agreeme…

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We specialize in paperwork preparation and processing, working directly under the guidelines set forth in the Business and Professions Code Section 6400-6450.  Are you are facing a legal matter without the means or necessity to hire an attorney?  If so, we are a great place to start your legal journey. 

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